Our New Line of Business

All, We have just entered into an exciting re-seller agreement with KnC Miner, the best (measured on a $/Watt basis) ASIC-based Bitcoin mining equipment available on the market. Don’t be fooled, the folks at Butterfly Labs are all hat and no cattle!  We have had an order with them since EARLY this year, which they.. read more →

FBI Internet Disruption

We’ve mentioned the day but now its here. Lets see if it turns out to be anything serious. Link to our previous blog: http://www.utilityscalecomputing.com/march-8th-internet-disruption-update-july-9-2012/ http://www.utilityscalecomputing.com/possible-march-8th-internet-disruption/ This is from US-CERT.gov “UPDATE:  On March 5, 2012, a federal judge agreed to allow more time for organizations and individuals to clean systems of the DNSChanger malware and extended.. read more →

Start Norfolk 2.0

What a crazy weekend. First off, this is Bill, this is the last few days for me. I’ve been to a great deal of conferences, meetings, and other “events” having traveled a great deal with one of my former companies. Start Norfolk 2.0 this past weekend takes the cake. To start, the team we joined,.. read more →

30 Apr 2012
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BYOD Continues

IBM just announced it is embracing employees BYOD. This provides greater satisfaction for employees who wish to use their own devices but has implications when it comes to security. It also has not proven to be as cost effective as some had hoped. It still is intriguing to see how large corporations are adapting to.. read more →

Old Guard vs New Guard – Old equipment is holding your business back.

If you don’t know, part of our approach to providing the highest level of computer support is by providing our customers with new equipment. Many managers I speak with don’t fully understand why and are turned off by this approach assuming they don’t need new equipment and that it will be overly expensive to get.. read more →

08 Mar 2012
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March 8th Internet Disruption (Update) Now July 9, 2012

Just wanted to post an update to the earlier blog about the possible disruption of Internet service to some infected computers. This is from US-CERT.gov “UPDATE:  On March 5, 2012, a federal judge agreed to allow more time for organizations and individuals to clean systems of the DNSChanger malware and extended the deadline for shutting.. read more →

Anticipatio – (Anticipation of Needs)

Many people don’t understand the true advantages that proactive customer service has over reactive customer service. The vast majority of what people have become accustomed to is a reactive style of service, and even sometimes thinks that very good reactive service is “proactive”. Being reactive is a visible way for a service provider to make.. read more →

Possible March 8th Internet Disruption

If you have computers or network systems that were infected by a DNSChanger virus in 2011, you may lose access to the Internet on March 8th, 2012. Before you get nervous, this virus may be overblown by some but it does highlight the continued risks of hackers and their ever evolving techniques. As for this.. read more →

Operating your business Eyes Wide Shut

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. – Charles Baudelaire A great quote by a French poet and later made famous by a pretty good movie. This is also a reason hackers are so good at what they do. They don’t want you to know what there up.. read more →

Facebook CNN Scam

Securtiy has never been so important. Scammer’s have never had it so easy. Don’t bee fooled by posts that seem unreal or too good to be true. CNN’s name is being used to divert Facebook users to a page claiming that the US has attacked Iran and Saudi Arabia. When you follow the link you.. read more →