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Server Co-Location: Our state of the art data center has redundant, diverse path, diverse route connections to the Internet, UPS and generator based redundant power systems, N+1 redundant HVAC systems, physical security at the perimeter and at the individual co-lo rack and IP based cameras so you can see the server room.  All this to ensure maximum uptime and physical security for your servers in our care.  If you currently have critical to the enterprise information on your servers and they don’t have all of the characteristics listed above.  You should give us a call.  (757)455-5959

IT Administration: Our approach to IT administration allows us to remove barriers from our clients that inhibit them from efficiently and effectively performing their main function. We use a system that incorporates 205 specific actions that allows us to integrate a proven IT structure that will reduce the time you spend on technology issues. We work with your management team to understand the current needs of your business and how to prepare for your future IT expansion. Our core service is designed to grow with your business. Read More…

CIO Consulting: We understand that the lack of technology integration can be hurting your bottom line. Our outsourced CIO services can provide you with the knowledge you need to stay competitive at a fraction of what it would cost to hire and internal IT department and CIO. Read More…

IT Realignment: There are times when in-house IT services are time consuming, not easily scalable, and inefficient. We can work to absorb much of your staff and use them to help support your business as well as our network of clients. This removes the headaches of an internal IT department without sacrificing service or expertise. Read More…

Disaster Services: What do you do when you have a complete technology meltdown? Nothing is working and important data seems lost for good. How do you get your data and start to operate your business again? Our team can help rebuild your systems after a technology disaster. Everything from data recovery to rebuilding infrastructure, we are ready to help and show you how we can plan a better way forward.

Supplemental IT Administration: Allow our team of highly trained administrators to augment your staff when your technology needs surpass your available manpower. We can help take simple tasks such as computer configurations and new printer installations off your plate so your main IT team can stay focused on the larger projects.

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