IT Realignment

Technology is increasingly important in the success of your business. Making sure it performs as well as other areas can be difficult if you don’t know what a successful and efficient technology department looks like.  Does a doctor, architect, or any typical business owner understand the scope of their internal IT department and how do they hold this staff accountable. Heck, most IT administrators speak a language that most business owners don’t even understand.

Keeping up with sales, customer service, finances, and your competition is hard enough. Most owners are just happy when things work well-enough. Do you know if you’re getting everything out of your IT staff or do you worry much of the time they spend in their office is on Facebook? Do you find scaling your IT team to the size of your business is also a challenge? And most of all, how could you replace your internal IT staff with a service provider?

The Answer: US Computing can hire your qualified staff and incorporate our process, coupled with their expertise, back into your business.

If a member of your team really understands your business and your IT demands are so great enough that you need full, or part time, staff onsite then we can dedicate staff to your business, sometimes the same staff that you have now.  If your business does not demand full time IT staffing then we get a great addition to our team that can help you and our other customers. We’re always looking for good people.

This approach allows us to continue to provide very specialized and dedicated support to your business while also implementing the service levels that US Computing is dedicated in providing. This approach also allows your business to easily scale up or down services as you grow. You’ll also find that our additional staff can use their expertise to leverage the latest technology in your business.

This removes the headaches of an internal IT department without sacrificing service or expertise. In these cases, your business reaps the rewards of the US Computing approach to first class computer and network support while your staff retains highly desired jobs in their fields with additional opportunity for personal growth.

IT Realignment