IT Consulting

Where do you go for CIO level technology advice when you need it?

We understand that the lack of technology integration can be hurting your bottom line. Our outsourced CIO and technology services can provide you with the knowledgeIT Consulting you need to stay competitive at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an internal IT department or CIO. Our expertise can help you understand how technology can help your business reach its goals. We have been used to provide technology plans for businesses that have internal IT departments but feel they need an additional, outside opinion on opportunities that they could possibly capture before moving forward with new technolgy plans. Our team can be brought in for a specific project or provide regular consulting by designating a memer of our team that meets your needs and can attend regular board meetings in order to provide insight to C-level executives.

Our Consulting Services Include:
  • Levering Technology to Meet Business Goals
  • Technology Employee Management- Best Practices
  • Technology Expansion
  • Meeting Federal IT and Security Guidelines
  • Network Planning (New Construction Projects)
  • Network Expansion (Existing Building)
  • Risk Assessments
  • IT Employee Procurement (Network Engineers, System Administrators, ect.)