IT Administration

IT Administration

We manage your IT so you can manage your business.

Standardization Matters
We will replace dated equipment with Dell desktops and laptops installed with MS Office as well as install your licensed programs that you need and use regularly. We deliver your  computers with a standard configuration and work with your management to ensure that access controls meet your needs.  That way when a computer breaks we can bring you an identical replacement that keeps your team up and running.  Does your provider do that?

Industry Best Practices
Does your current provider seem to make it up as they go along?  We build your service plan based on the NIST 800-53 document, the same planning structure used for IT reliability that is used by NASA. We aren’t making it up; we are using the best practices developed by System Administrators who manage thousands of desktops and applying this comprehensive system to your business.

24×7 Monitoring of Systems
You network is connected to the world 24×7.  Who is watching the network to ensure that only those people that should access your sensitive data are? Simply put, we are.

Fast Response Times
Our standardization helps to create an environment where most issue have been seen and resolved before. When you put in a trouble ticket, we will respond in five minutes and have someone assigned and working to resolve the problem within thirty minutes.  We give you a customized dashboard where you can check the status of your service requests and hold us accountable for the service we provide.

Our services are designed to grow with your business. Add computers and support that integrate seamlessly with a simple phone call.  Scale back as needed with a simple phone call.

Preventative Maintenance
We plan and execute our work during your downtime. This means that patches, virus updates, disk defragmentation and backups are done in the evenings or overnight, but it also means that we are monitoring your network, firewall and intrusion detection systems. While your current vendor may perform backups, when was the last time you asked them to do a full recovery from a backup to verify that what they are doing works?

Vendor Management & Procurement
Truth be told, today’s IT environment has many vendors (website, network, computer, software, telephone, etc.) As your outsourced CIO, it is our job to understand your needs and ensure that you are getting the best value from your technology vendors.  And in many instances, US Computing is buying in large volume and your company and your employees can often leverage our purchasing power to get lower prices.

Infrastructure Planning
It isn’t sexy but the wires, cable and other aspects of your network are what allow your computers to share information. We routinely look at your network to see if that could be slowing you down.

Server Co-location
Servers are an integral part of every network. Issues with your network could mean extended downtime and lost productivity. By hosting a server at our data center, you will have redundant systems protecting your business.

Unlimited Service 8am – 5pm
Sure the other guys do that too.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Since we are responsible for your IT infrastructure and when it is down, you are down. Our staff plans most outages, upgrades and other services during off peak hours, including evenings, overnight, and weekends.  Its not about our convenience, its about doing whatever it takes to keep you up and running. Isn’t that what great customer service is all about? Our competitors don’t seem to understand that.

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