With success, you will expand your business and IT system. Count on US Computing to execute a smooth transition that won’t interrupt your workflow.

When you outsource with US Computing to handle your IT administration and troubleshooting, we will replace your dated equipment with New Dell desktops and laptops installed with MS Office, as well as transfer programs that you need and use from your current systems. We deliver your desktops with a standard configuration and we work with your owners/managers to ensure that the standard build meets your needs.  That way when a computer breaks we can bring you an identical replacement in hours.  Does your provider do that?

How else does US Computer help you expand?

Vendor Management & Procurement: Truth be told, today’s IT environment has many vendors (website, network, computer, software, telephone, etc.) As your outsourced CIO, it is our job to understand your needs and ensure that you are getting the best value from your technology vendors. More, in many instances, US Computing is buying in large volume and your company and your employees can often leverage our purchasing power to get lower prices.

Infrastructure Planning: It isn’t sexy but the wires, cable and other aspects of your network are what allow your computers to share information. We routinely look at your network to see if that could be slowing you down.

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