Customer Support

Reliabil-IT-y – 24/7

Issues with your network? Call us now at 757-455-5959.

At US Computing, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer support for IT issues in Hampton Roads. All through the work day from 8AM to 5PM, you can count on unlimited, instant support when you have a problem with your network. Sure, the other guys offer this as well, but we go the extra mile. We know that when your systems are down, so is your business. US Computing plans for most outages, upgrades, and other services during your business downtime, so you never skip a beat. This way, your operations always run smoothly and allow for great service and customer satisfaction.

  • Fast Turnaround on Support Tickets – All support tickets to US Computer are acknowledged within five minutes and assigned in under thirty. You can access your customized dashboard to monitor our progress on solving your problem.
  • 24/7 Monitoring¬† – We know your network is connected every day, every hour. It only makes sense that we monitor it 24/7 to ensure no hiccups.
  • Preventative Maintenance – When you and your employees have gone home for the day, that’s when we get down to business protecting your data. Upgrades, virus definition updates, hard disk defragmentation, and backups are taken care of in the off-hours, so when you return to work everything operates smoothly.
  • Vendor Management – Are you getting the best value from your current vendors? US Computing manages vendors that contribute to your technology needs. Because we work with these vendors regularly, we can negotiate lower prices for the tools you count on to grow your business.
  • Industry Best Practices – US Computing builds your service plan based on the NIST 800-53, the same planning document used for IT reliability that is used by NASA.

The work isn’t sexy, but it brings results. Let US Computing keep your business up and running. Let US exceed your expectations. Call US at 757-455-5959 to learn more.