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It’s 3AM and the red phone rings. Who do you want to answer IT?

US Computing has 21 years of experience working to streamline and remove the headaches the are present with emerging technologies. Businesses have had to make major changes in how their approach to the integration of technology in an effort to stay competitive in today’s markets.

Our firm currently provides services to large national clients such as the New York Jets and Direct TV. After seeing a specific need in the Hampton Roads community for professional IT services, we have launched a new set of services to help businesses in our local area grow.

Our approach to IT administration revolves around a nationally accepted set of standards that allows us to provide a more dedicated level of service. These standards have been created to help larger business manage complex technology departments. Our team has applied this approach to organizations such as NASA and the US Department of Defense. We are dedicated in taking this approach and using it as a benchmark for smaller businesses to help them become more efficient and reduce downtime.

We are confident that we can make a real difference in your company and keep your technology working for you.

We invite you to explore our site for more information on outsourced IT solutions for your business. With US Computing you gain a knowledgeable IT staff with decades of experience in data storage, network design and maintenance, wiring for new stations, and network security.